All-State Orchestra

Important Dates and Audition Location

  • There is a single audition for All-State Orchestra – strings (including harp) and piano held in each district. Audition date and location will be set by each district. Check your district’s calendar.
  • All recorded auditions must be received by the Orchestra Division Chair no later than September 22, 2017.
  • Chair-placement auditions will take place at the All-State Orchestra site just prior to the first All-State rehearsal.


  • $15 per audition, paid to the district. The District Director will submit a single district check for all audition entries to the Orchestra Division Chair.


  • All forms related to All-State auditions for orchestra can be found under All-State -> Forms: All-State

Audition Requirements

  • The district level auditions will be audio recorded by the District Director or the district’s Orchestra Chair and submitted to the Orchestra Division Chair. 
  • There is a 4-year rotation cycle of audition materials for strings, harp, and piano, consisting of scales (30% of score) and prepared selections (70% of score). Note: The Orchestra Division Chair can also elect to require orchestral excerpts from the upcoming All-State repertoire. If this occurs, the information will be posted to the LMEA website by the last Saturday in August.
         Set I   – 2016-17
         Set II  – 2017-18
         Set III – 2018-19
         Set IV – 2019-20
  • Wind players and percussionists will be selected from the All-State Band auditions.

Audition Results and Chair Placement

  • The audition results will create a preliminary rank order of students in all sections and will determine the assignment of violins to 1st and 2nd violin parts. They will be posted under All-State -> Audition Results: All-State
  • Chair placement auditions are scheduled during the afternoon of the first All-State Orchestra rehearsal. Audition material will consist of excerpts from the current All-State Orchestra program. Music will be sent to the District Director or district’s designated Orchestra Chair approximately one month before the All-State event. Additional information will also be posted on this page as it becomes available.
  • Ties for chair placement will be broken by the rank orders from the initial audition.

Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook