All-State Orchestra

2019 All-State Orchestra Conductor:  Larry Livingston

Larry Livingston is a distinguished conductor, educator, and administrator, and a highly respected motivational speaker. He frequently appears with professional, festival, collegiate, and all-state wind ensembles, bands, and orchestras throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. From 1983 to 2002, he served as a conductor in the University of Michigan All-State Program at Interlochen, has been the Conductor of the Festival Orchestra at Idyllwild Arts since 1989, and is the Music Director of Music for All’s National Honors Orchestra. From 1986 until 2002, Mr. Livingston was Dean of the USC Flora L. Thornton School of Music and is currently serving as Chair of the Conducting Department. Additionally, he is a consultant to the Conn-Selmer Corporation and chairs the Education Committee of the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium.  

Audition Results

  • The audition results will create a preliminary rank order of students in all sections and will determine the assignment of violins to 1st and 2nd violin parts. They will be posted under Audition Results: All-State

Chair Placement Auditions

  • Chair placement auditions are scheduled during the afternoon of the first All-State Orchestra rehearsal. The exact times will be on the All-State schedule of rehearsals.
  • Audition material will consist of excerpts from the current All-State Orchestra program. Music was sent to the District Director or district’s designated Orchestra Chair approximately one month before the All-State event. Additional information will also be posted on this page as it becomes available.
  • Ties for chair placement will be broken by the rank orders from the initial audition.

Dates and Audition Location

  • There is a single audition for All-State Orchestra strings (including harp) and piano. These auditions are to be recorded by either the District Director or the district’s Orchestra Chair. The date and location will be set by each district. Check your district’s calendar.
  • All recorded auditions must be received by the Orchestra Division Chair no later than Wednesday, September 18, 2019.
  • Chair-placement auditions will take place at the All-State Orchestra site just prior to the first All-State rehearsal.


  • $15 per audition, paid to the district. The District Director will submit a single district check for all audition entries to the Orchestra Division Chair.

Forms Related to Auditions – All students must submit all forms before audition recording will be submitted for adjudicating.

Audition Process

  • There is a single audition for All-State Orchestra.
  • The auditions will be audio recorded by the District Director or the district’s Orchestra Chair and submitted to the Orchestra Division Chair for adjudication. See “All-State Orchestra Audition Script” for information about the recording process.
  • District Director/Orchestra Chair must complete and submit separate audition lists/forms with the recordings for each instrument.     

2019 Violin Participants Audition List/Form2019 Viola Participants Audition List/Form      2019 Cello Participants Audition List/Form     2019 Bass Participants Audition List/Form    2019 Piano/Harp Participants Audition List/Form

Audition Requirements

  • There is a 4-year rotation cycle of audition materials for strings, harp, and piano, consisting of scales (30% of score) and prepared selections (70% of score). Note: The Orchestra Division Chair can also elect to require orchestral excerpts from the upcoming All-State repertoire. If this occurs, the information will be posted to the LMEA website by the last Saturday in August.

Set I   – 2016-17 Set II  – 2017-18 Set III – 2018-19 Set IV – 2019-20

Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook.