Teacher Education


Student Learning Targets (SLT)

The following samples of SLTs have been provided by the Calcasieu Parish School System.  The format in which the SLTs appear is from the Compass Evaluation System as designed by the Louisiana Department of Education.  Each school system in Louisiana may have different requirements for schools and teachers pertaining to SLT content and measurement of achievement.  But these samples do give a general guide to both skill based SLTs (performance) and knowledge based SLTs (written exams). 

SLT Samples: 

Elementary SLT 1

Elementary SLT 2

Elementary SLT 3

Elementary SLT 4

Elementary SLT 5

Elementary SLT 6

Middle School Vocal 1

Middle School Vocal 2

Middle School Vocal 3

Middle School Vocal 4

Middle School Instrumental 1

Middle School Instrumental 2

Middle School Instrumental 3

Middle School Instrumental 4

High School Vocal 1

High School Vocal 2

High School Vocal 3

High School Vocal 4

High School Instrumental 1

High School Instrumental 2

High School Instrumental 3

High School Instrumental 4