2019 Proposed Amendments to the LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Over the years, there have been many questions and much debate about the relationship between LMEA and NAfME. Board members have worked diligently to maintain a positive and productive relationship with NAfME, while also listening to and addressing concerns brought forward by LMEA members.


The LMEA Executive Board set up a committee (made up of LMEA Board members) to work on clarifying the amendment’s wording and providing accurate answers to questions the Board has received regarding the proposed amendment package. A detailed discussion of these questions can be found in the FAQ.


From the LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws: “Prior to being submitted to the membership for final vote, any amendment shall have been approved in two successive open meetings by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.” At two consecutive, regularly-scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors of LMEA, Inc., the following proposal was approved by a two-thirds vote of elected board members.

Proposal – To provide membership with the opportunity to approve:

  1. Amendments in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws necessary to remove the mandate of NAfME membership as an eligibility requirement for membership in LMEA.
  2. Amendments in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws necessary to allow for the independent collection of LMEA annual dues separate and distinct from NAfME dues.


The ballot will be electronic and will contain the information given in the sample ballot. The amendments will be voted on as a package.


From the LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws: “This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds referendum vote of the entire ballots cast.”

  • All current LMEA members are encouraged to vote. Before you vote, please read the ballot information carefully.
  • Voting will be March 1, 2019 through March 15, 2019.  
  • Voting will be done electronically and will require a member to login.


A “Yes” Vote:

  1.  A “Yes” vote will allow you to be a member of LMEA without requiring you to join NAfME.
  2.  A “Yes” vote will establish that LMEA membership dues are paid directly to LMEA, rather than funneled through NAfME with only a small portion going to LMEA.
  3.  A “Yes” vote will not sever LMEA’s affiliation with NAfME; LMEA members can choose to also continue their NAfME membership

A “No” Vote:

A “No” vote will maintain the status quo; no changes will be made to the LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


If you have an additional question, please contact your district director to help you get an answer. Their job is to represent and be of service to their district.


So now, it is up to you…the membership. Whether you are for this package of amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws or against it, it is vital that your voice be heard. Please vote!