Information on the 2nd Round All-State Choir Audition Music

From the LMEA Vocal Division Chairman:

Happy Summer everyone!  Just a few notes / info for everyone in the High School Vocal world:

As you probably know by now, the 2nd round audition piece is Handel’s “To Thee Cherubim and Seraphim” edited and adapted by Favazza (Hinshaw – HMC2530). 

Yes, it is only in 5 parts (SSATB) but it is a great choice for our audition.  Sopranos will divide soprano 1 and soprano 2 as always.  Alto 1 and 2 will sing the alto part, Tenor 1 and 2 will sing the Tenor part and Bass 1 and 2 will sing the Bass part.  The parts cover the ranges necessary for all the other pieces to be performed this year at all-state.  We will still have 8 separate audition rooms as usual, there will be no combining.

This might tempt a few more students to audition on more than one part.  Where there is nothing to prevent a student from auditioning on more than one part, we are asking that this be limited as we want to give as many students as possible a chance to audition and be a part of the LMEA All-State choirs.

By the time you get this, the audition/rehearsal tracks (Thanks Jude Wilson and Sharon McNamara-Horne) for 2nd round will be posted online on the LMEA website.  The individual parts listed are for rehearsal – everyone will audition with the accompaniment track.