Regional/State Large Ensemble Assessments


Regional Assessments will replace State Assessments beginning in 2016. LMEA has divided the state by districts into 3 regions, with the District Director of the host district serving as the Region Director.

  • North – Districts 1, 2, 8
  • Southwest – Districts 3, 4, 5
  • Southeast – Districts 6, 7, 9


Provided the minimum number of ensembles is met, a region will host:

  • Band Assessments – minimum of 30 bands over 2 days
  • Choir Assessments – minimum of 22 choirs in 1 day
  • Orchestra Assessments – There will be a single State Assessment provided 12 groups register. Orchestras may choose to attend a Regional Band Assessment. 

Dates and Locations 

Based on the date and proximity of a Regional Assessment, a school may elect to attend an assessment outside their “assigned region.” Schools will need to select a 1st and 2nd choice of regional sites on the registration form. If a group chooses a region that does not receive enough entries to host an assessment, they will be placed at their 2nd choice site. 

North Region:  Mark MInton, Region Director 2018 
Band  April 25 2018 Airline High School
Choir  April 24, 2018 Airline High School
Southwest Region:  Brett Babineaux, Region Director 2018 
 High School Band  April 24-26, 2018 Lake Charles Civic Center
 High School Choir  April 17, 2018 East Bayou Baptist (Lafayette)
 Middle School Band/Choir/Orchestra  May, 7-11, 2018  UL Lafayette
Southeast Region:  Jim Trant, Region Director 2018 
 Band  March 19-21, 2018 Nicholls State University
 Choir March 22-23, 2018 Nicholls State University
State Orchestra  See band dates Regional Band Assessment Sites



  • Bands and Orchestras:  $325 (includes recording fee) 
  • Choirs:  $275 (includes recording fee)
  • Late fee (if applicable):  $100
  • Nonmember fee (if applicable):  $150 

Forms and Fees

  • Submit a separate form for each ensemble
  • Postmark date for all regions is April 1, 2017
  • Forms and fees should be mailed to the Executive Director (see form)
  • Forms can be found in the September issue of The Louisiana Musician and on this website.
  • Note:  There is a separate form for Choir and Band/Orchestra

Performance Time Limits

  • Middle School Bands and all Orchestras:  25 minutes
  • High School Bands: 30 minutes
  • AAAA Bands may request 45 minutes, depending on their program (see handbook for more information)
  • All Choirs:  20 minutes


  • Bands, choirs, and orchestras must have earned a rating of I (superior) in concert and no lower than II (excellent) in sight reading at current year’s District Performance Assessment.
    *Exception: Ensembles receiving a lower rating in current year’s District Assessment are eligible if a I in concert and no less than a II in sight reading were received at the preceding year’s State Performance Assessment under the same director. Single grade ensembles and G classification groups cannot use the previous year’s State Performance Assessment rating to qualify.
  • If entering based on a rating of I at the previous year’s State Performance Assessment, the ensemble must have the same director and same or lower classification.    
  • Participation in both concert and sight reading events is required of all entries.
  • Groups must enter in the same classification used at the qualifying District Performance Assessment.
  • Out-of-state groups may participate in the State Performance Assessment providing they follow the same regulations and eligibility requirements for LMEA members.  Each ensemble must pay the non-member fee in lieu of LMEA membership.


  • Five categories of rating are possible, I being highest (I, II, III, IV, V).
  • The final rating for a performance is determined from the compilation of individual ratings from each of the three judges. SEE Ratings LINK.
  • State Sweepstakes trophy will be awarded to ensemble receiving a rating of I in concert and I in sight reading.

Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook.
Please read it carefully.


Bands Guidelines

Choir Guidelines

Orchestra Guidelines

Instrumental Seating Chart Template