All-State Jazz Ensemble


Important Dates and Audition Location

  • Audition date and location will be set by each district.  Check your district calendar.
  • All recorded auditions must be received by the Jazz Division Chair by Thursday, September 28, 2017.


  • $15 per audition paid to the district.  District Director will submit a single district check for all audition entries to the Jazz Division Chair.


  • All forms related to All-State auditions for jazz band can be found under All-State -> Forms: All-State

Audition Process

  • There is a single audition for All-State Jazz Ensemble.  District level auditions will be audio recorded by the District Director or the district’s Jazz Chair.  See “Audition Process/Script. 
  • These recordings will be submitted to the Jazz Division Chairperson for adjudication.  See “Directions for District Directors.” 


  • Wind and Rhythm Players:  Required scales include selected blues, major, chromatic, and “other” scales. A copy of the scales for each instrument can be downloaded below. 

Set I – 2017-18  New this year
Alto Sax
     Tenor Sax
     Bari Sax
     Bass Trombone

Prepared Material and Audition Tracks

  • All audition material and audition tracks, can be found on this site.
  • There is a 4-year rotation of prepared selections:

Set I  –  2017-18  New this year
     Music Selections
     Audition Tracks

Set II –  2018-19
Set III – 2019-20
Set IV – 2020-21 


  • All students will sight read a short selection.


  • Check with your district director or jazz chair to find out what equipment will be available for auditions.

Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook