All-State Jazz Ensemble

2019 All-State Jazz Ensemble Conductor:  Denis DiBlasio

Denis DiBlasio, internationally renowned baritone saxophone player, composer/arranger, and educator, will be the 2019 All-State Jazz Ensemble Conductor. He is currently Director of Jazz and Commercial Music Performance & Composition at Rowan University in New Jersey. DiBlasio is also the Executive Director of The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz at Rowan. After five years as Music Director with Maynard Ferguson along with touring on his own, DiBlasio continues to travel around the world performing and teaching. His approach of keeping things simple, informative, positive, and fun keeps his schedule extremely busy, booking dates sometimes three years in advance. His inspirational connection with young musicians is what makes a DiBlasio clinic so special. Important Dates and Audition Location

  • Audition date and location will be set by each district. Check your district calendar.
  • All recorded auditions must be received by the Jazz Division Chair no later than Monday, September 16, 2019.


  • $15 per audition paid to the district. District Director will submit a single district check for all audition entries to the Jazz Division Chair. Check should be made out to LMEA.

Forms Related to Auditions All students must submit all forms before audition recording will be submitted for adjudicating.

Audition Process

  • There is a single audition for All-State Jazz Ensemble. District level auditions will be audio recorded by the District Director or the district’s Jazz Chair.  The “OFFICIAL SET #3 AUDITION RECORDING PLAY-ALONG” is available for download and must be used during the audition. Students are encouraged to practice with this recording prior to the audition.
  • These recordings will be submitted to the Jazz Division Chairperson for adjudication. See “Audition Recording Process and Directions for District Directors.New instructions for 2019
  • Any recordings that do not follow these procedures will be disqualified.


  • Wind and Rhythm Players:  Required scales include selected blues, major, chromatic, and “other” scales. A copy of the scales for each instrument can be downloaded here.
  • There is a 2-year rotation of scales that corresponds to the 4-year rotation of audition materials.

Sets I and III – odd years
Sets II and IV – even years

Prepared Material and Audition Tracks

  • All audition material and audition tracks, can be found on this site.
  • There is a 4-year rotation of prepared selections:

Set I  –  2017-18
Music Selections

Audition Tracks

Set II –  2018-19
Music Selections
Audition Tracks

Set III – 2019-20 New this year

Set IV – 2020-21 


  • All students will sight read a short selection.
  • Sight-reading selections will be provided by the jazz division chair prior to the audition.


  • Check with your district director or jazz chair to find out what equipment will be available for auditions.

Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook Results

  • The audition results for all instruments can be found under All-State Audition Results.