Crucifixus by Lotti – Learning Tracks

The Learning Tracks for “Crucifixus” can be played or downloaded here. 

To download, click on the name (for ex.: Soprano 1) to access the file.  Then right-click on “play” and select “Save Link As.”

Note:  The audition and learning tracks were recorded using the Walton version of “Crucifixus.”  However, either the Walton Publishers version or the CPDL version may be used for the audition.  All notes are identical in the two editions with the exception of one note in the T2 part:  m. 27, beat 4 – either Bb or D (a 3rd higher) will be acceptable in the audition.

“Crucifixus” by Lotti, edited by Winikoff, SSAATTBB, CPDL #00214 (free download)

“Crucifixus” by Lotti, arr. Mason, SSAATTBB, Walton Music Corp., W6006 (Sing Latin)


Soprano 1


Soprano 2


Alto 1


Alto 2


Tenor 1


Tenor 2


Bass 1


Bass 2


All Parts


All Parts – TTBB Louder than SSAA


All Parts – SSAA louder than TTBB


Demo Performance – The Cambridge Singers