2020 Conference Session Proposals


2020 LMEA Professional Development Conference

November 19-23, 2020
Crowne Plaza Executive Center
4728 Constitution Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Clinic Sessions

Professional development sessions in all divisions follow a rolling format.

  • Elementary/General Music sessions are Thursday – Saturday.
  • Choir sessions are Friday – Saturday.
  • Orchestra and Jazz sessions are Saturday – Sunday.
  • Band sessions are Sunday – Monday.

Scheduling.  If a proposal is accepted, it will be scheduled according to the most appropriate subject area(s). However, it should be understood that the session could be scheduled on any day.

Reimbursement.  LMEA does not reimburse expenses incurred by any presenter.

Any All-State clinician or featured speaker specifically invited by the LMEA Board of Directors will receive compensation as spelled out in their contract with LMEA.

Conference Registration.  All presenters must register for the conference prior to the registration deadline.

Deadline for Submitting Clinic Session Proposal/Application

The deadline for submitting a proposal is June 10, 2020. Decisions will be made and presenters will be notified by email approximately one month after this date as to which proposals are selected.

A session abstract or description and the presenter’s bio and photo must be submitted as part of the clinic session application. If there are multiple presenters for a specific session, a bio and photo must be submitted for each person. If a proposed clinic session is selected, these will be included in LMEA’s conference magazine and app.

2020 Clinic Session Application – deadline June 10, 2020

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